Our Mission

To create best-in-class service values by offering a modern, efficient, and stable advanced mobile network based on our outstanding technological ability and excellent process.

01Maximizing performance by integrations.

We will solve the problems of traditional system development and provide maximized benefits in terms of quality, speed, and cost by uniting the strengths of both Operator/KDDI and SIer/CTC.

02Introducing and promoting new technologies.

As well as providing cloud native core-networks and RAN for 5G, we will provide our “New Service Value” to take advantage of the technologies that will be standard in the near future. This will be made possible through tech information cooperation with Silicon Valley and other overseas based groups.
We will continue to pursue team building activities focused on the examination of the latest technologies.

03Agility beyond the organization.

We will react quickly and effectively to the changing markets and user demands. We will remove the barriers to coordinating and exchanging information with other departments and participate in projects beyond individual members and organizations.
We will carry out the project in a “matrix organization system.”


We create new value, and lead the evolution of the “power to connect” through the challenge of continuous change.

We will create the world utilizing our technology and ideas based on our ability to anticipate the changing times and bravely take on the challenges of new technologies and new fields. We will open up an exciting future by having trust in each other, encouraging each other, growing together, and moving forward together.