Haruka Momose

A Career Path Across Two Companies

Haruka Momose

Business Management Office

After working as a sales representative for KDDI at CTC for 7 years, I moved to xGN to broaden my career options. Currently, I am in charge of human resources and general affairs in the Business Management Office, which oversees all corporate operations.

Creating from nothing, making the best of my own ideas.

I joined CTC (ITOCHU Techno-Solutions) in 2014, and for seven years I was a sales representative for KDDI. When I wanted to challenge corporate operations in order to improve my overall capabilities as a businessperson, I was assigned to xGN in April 2021, just as there was a position open at xGN.
I was very excited to be able to work with everyone at KDDI, who had been a customer of mine for a long time, at the same company. Currently, I am in charge of human resources and general affairs in the Business Management Office, which is in charge of xGN’s overall corporate operations.

I was assigned to xGN one year after the establishment of the new company. We were still in the phase of having systems that needed to be formulated and an office environment that needed to be improved. First, we worked from nothing to create systems related to work styles, such as flextime and telework, and to create an office environment that would facilitate synergy among employees with different cultures.

As a mature organization in terms of both size and history, CTC did not have much experience in creating something from nothing, but as a newly established company, xGN has many things to undertake from nothing. It is a lot of work, but that is why it is so rewarding to realize that we are building a company.

Although xGN’s organizational scale is expanding, we are still a company of only about 200 people, so the ability to implement a variety of measures quickly is an attractive feature. I find it very rewarding and responsible to be able to reflect my own ideas in systems and measures that have a great impact on the entire company, and to be able to move forward with them.

CTC and xGN, building a career that makes the most of their respective advantages.

My vision for my own career became clear after I started working at xGN. Now I want to become a human resources professional who can realize the best HR system for the company and its employees, while maintaining a sense of balance between the management and field perspectives.

I believe that the current environment is a very good experience for this goal.
KDDI and CTC have a feature of being able to easily become expert in one field because their organizations are subdivided, whereas at xGN, one person can be involved in a wide range of fields and acquire a variety of skills in parallel. If you can build a career that straddles these two companies with such characteristics, you will be able to become both a specialist and a generalist.

Although my own responsibilities include human resources and general affairs, I may need to deal with business management, legal affairs, accounting, and other specialized knowledge that I truly understand. In addition, xGN is close to the executive members , so I am able to get in touch with the management perspective. I would like to gain a wide range of knowledge and experience by taking on various corporate tasks at xGN now, and in the future, I would like to be a specialist at CTC, concentrating on the human resources area.

To keep excellent engineers active for the long term.

xGN brings together excellent engineers from KDDI and CTC, with a variety of specialized technical fields, ages, genders, and nationalities. I am proud to see the limited number of people working together to provide next-generation telecommunications infrastructure while leveraging the strengths of both companies. As a human resources staff member, my mission is to create a workplace where each and every one of the employees gathered at xGN can maximize their individuality and abilities.

This fiscal year, we are particularly focused on reforming work styles, and have established a “Work Styles Transformation Committee” chaired by the President and Representative Director. Together with managers from each department, we are working to realize diverse work styles and prevent overwork.

Only because xGN is working on advanced technology, there are cases when unexpected problems or unforeseen errors prevent us from proceeding according to schedule. However, if this causes overwork as a result, it will not lead to the long-term success of our diverse workforce. I would like to continue to contribute to the company by creating an environment in which each employee can realize diverse work styles, including by controlling overtime work.